What’s Happening With the Arts Department at FA?


As 2020 has been ravaged by the effects of Covid-19, a lot of things remain unknown or are up in the air. Unfortunately, one of these unknowns is Arts at FA.

When quarantine first hit last year, it closed off school a week before the beloved Original Works performances were set to perform. Sadly, this event had to be postponed and then cancelled, much to the dismay of all the artists who wrote or created pieces for this night. The middle school show, another performance with student created writings, was also cancelled. Since then, the Arts department has been discussing what will happen come September.

Obviously, a lot of the decision is determined by how the virus is spreading and how safe it is. The main priority is the safety of our community, and that is the leading factor in the decision about the fall show.

Long story short, the show is neither cancelled or rescheduled. Ultimately, students who are interested are collaborating with each other and Mr. Geha to craft characters and form a script that will become the “show”. This show will be a few episodes long, described by a source as a “mini netflix series” type thing. The production/acting portion of the show will most likely be starting in October. The writing portion has already begun, last I heard, and I am very excited to see how this goes. Ultimately, this sounds really cool and I’m impressed by the creative ways the Arts Department is keeping the students connected.

The Arts Department has also been offering after-school sign ups for students to stay connected with the arts during these crazy times. The most recent sign ups were sent out October 13th. These sign ups included Open Arts Studios, Dance intensives, conditioning and flexibility, a Singer’s Masterclass, Rock at FA, Improve Acting, and Costume Crew. The Jazz Band is also coming together once a week. A fun variety of options for anyone interested!

As for the winter show and the performances after, the question still remains. No one’s sure what’s going to happen next in regards to Covid. All we can do is hope we can all return to school safely as soon as possible. But, even in the event we cannot perform shows safely, I can trust the Arts Department to come up with creative alternatives to keep our program running.