The First “Presidential” Debate


The entire country apprehensively awaits the results of the presidential election. The first glimpse into the outcome of the election was the presidential debate on September 29th. Although it was a tough and overwhelming debate, there seemed to be no conclusion of who won, or who made a dramatic impact on American voters. The constant interruptions, bickering, and shallow accusations made both candidates arguments’ flimsy. During Trump’s first three years as president, the economy grew 2.1% and 6.7 million jobs were created. The president signed an important peace treaty between Bahrain and The United Arab Emirates and Israel, as reported by The New York Times, but he did not mention this in the debate. Trump could have been more prepared to discuss what he had done successfully during his four year term, but instead turned to criticizing his opponent on matters that are not important to many people. Biden stared directly at the camera and addressed the debate watchers, which made his arguments clear and simple. Although he better addressed watchers, he refused to answer a question from the moderator, Chris Wallace, about increasing the amount of Justices into the Supreme Court, as reported by The New York Post.  Regardless of each candidate’s presentation, the discussions showed a rocky start for the upcoming debates in the perilous year of 2020.