22 Significant Events From the First Half of December

December 1st:

1955: Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus and inspired the Montgomery bus boycott movement.

December 2nd:

1804: Napoleon became emperor of France after crowning himself at Notre Dame, Paris.

1823: President James Monroe established the Monroe Doctrine as the guide for U.S. foreign policy.

1956: Castro arrived in Cuba with the hope to overthrow Fulgenicio Batista. 

1983: MTV featured Micheal Jackson’s music video for Thriller. 

December 3rd:

1818:  Illinois, the Prairie State, was added as the 21st state.

1984: The lethal gas leak at Union Carbide in Bhopal, India occurred on this day 36 years ago. 

December 4th:

1942:  A thick cloak of fog covered London, and led to the death of 4,000 people due to suffocation and lack of visibility.

1996: The Mars Pathfinder departed from Earth bearing Nasa’s hope in understanding the mysterious planet of Mars. 

December 5th:

1792: George Washington was voted in president for a second term. 

December 6th:

1865: The Thirteenth Amendment, an amendment that President Abraham Lincoln believed would officialy abolish slavery, was formally added to the constitution.

1917: The Mont Blanc, a French ship carrying explosives for WW1, exploded after a collision with the Norwegian craft, Imo, in the harbor of Halifax, Canada.  

December 7th:

1941: Japan’s ruthless attack on Pearl Harbor led to the deaths of 2,400 Americans.

December 8th:

1775: The American troops, led by Colonel Benedict Arnold and General Richard Montgomery, left on an unsuccessful attempt to occupy the city of Quebec, Canada, that was under British rule. 

1941: The U.S. declares war on Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

December 9th:

1992: American Marines arrived in Mogadishu, Somalia, to help distribute food and other resources to Somalians affected by civil war. 

December 10th:

1864: Civil War general for the Union, William T. Sherman, finished his March to The Sea after crossing Georgia and halting in Savannah, Georgia.

1869: Women achieved voting rights in the Wyoming Territory, providing additional momentum for the 19th amendment.

December 11th:

1978: $9.8 million worth of money and jewels were stolen from JFK airport, giving this crime a notorious prominence. 

December 12th:

1901: Technological advancements were achieved when the first radio signal was received across the Atlantic Ocean, from England to Canada. 

December 13th:

1916:  Hundreds of Austrian soldiers were killed in the midst of WW1 near Mount. Marmolada, Italy, when a  deadly avalanche transpired.

2003: Saddam Hussein captured by U.S. forces in Iraq. 

December 14th:

1542: Mary, Queen of Scots became queen six days after her birth, marking the beginning of her extravagant upbringing and hectic life as a royal.