COVID-19 AP Bio Class Articles

COVID-19 AP Bio Class Articles

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ADRIENNE COLEMAN: “In an era of mask-wearing and social distancing, the big question on everyone’s mind is when will things go back to normal? Scientists all over the world have been working quickly and intensely to develop a solution–one that is safe. Nanotechnology.” 

LAUREN PASQUALE: The Drake Equation, an equation about the existence of aliens, inspires the CAT Inequality Model. This model proves just how useful masks and social distancing are.

ISABELA DIMEO: As Covid-19 runs rampant across the globe, all efforts are being made to find the best vaccines. “One such vaccine is being developed at the University of Washington using replicating RNA is called LION (Lipid InOrganic Nanoparticle).

DEREMY LEON: “Recently, our society has had a lot of controversy around products like masks and their effectiveness.” What are our next steps in protecting ourselves from Covid-19?

CHELCIE CRUTCH: “Out of all the symptoms caused by Covid-19, one of the most bizarre was the complete loss of taste and smell. The loss of taste and smell, more formally known as anosmia and ageusia, is now a very common symptom of Covid-19.”

VIMALA ALAGAPPAN: The vaccines are out and about. Is this it? Are we done with the pandemic now?

JORDYN CAGNER: We defeated SARS. We defeated MERS. Why haven’t we defeated Sars-CoV2 then?

RIYA SUBBAIAH: “COVID Winter” is here: How the lack of humidity is a preventative factor in our return to normal. Why, exactly, are indoor spaces without masks so dangerous? What does humidity have to do with all of this?? 

LINDSAY LEE: Covid-19 testing. We’ve all seen “this vivid image of a cotton swab being pushed up my nose. But what exactly is testing?”

ALEXANDRA CADET: The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot of turmoil in our lives. But how is it affecting our environment?EMILY BROWN: We all know that Covid-19 has caused an entire pandemic. But why? How does Covid-19 spread?

LIZ SCHWAB: Monoclonal antibodies: how do they fight Sars-CoV2 and how exactly do they reduce the coronavirus symptoms?