Super Bowl LV Recap


The 2020-2021 NFL season was one of many highs and lows for many teams, but the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers certainly deserved their spot in the big game. This year’s super bowl was highly anticipated and projected to be a mainly high scoring game with both offenses dominating the game. However, this game was special for another reason…Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes in the super bowl, the G.O.A.T vs the super star. Many questions arose surrounding this quarterback matchup: will Brady pass the torch to Mahomes? Will Brady claim his seventh title? In the end, Brady and the Bucs stepped up and took down the defending champs 31-9 and here is how they did it.

“Defense wins championships” was definitely the name of the game for the Tampa Bay Bucs. For a team averaging nearly thirty points a game and having a shifty quarterback like Mahomes it was a total washout. The Bucs defense held the Chiefs to only three field goals and no TD’s with Mahomes facing a ton of pressure from the Bucs defensive line: sacked three times, hit eight times, knocked down six times, and hurried eleven times. It seemed like on nearly every play, Mahomes was rushing out of the pocket and had to make some crazy acrobatic throw that should’ve been caught by the receivers. However, people forgot to credit the Bucs defensive line with guys like Jason Pierre Paul, Shaquil Barrett, and Ndamukong Suh who played key roles in shutting down Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. Not only did the defensive line play a key role but also Antoine Winfield Jr. and Devin White who were responsible for the two interceptions thrown by Mahomes. The guy who deserves the most credit for the stellar Bucs defensive performance is Todd Bowles. Todd Bowles designed the perfect gameplan: two-high safety shells, pressure w/o blitzing, and taking away the sidelines. Overall, the great defensive performance by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers put Mahomes in his place, but how can we even talk about a victory without talking about Tom Brady and the Bucs offense.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense was extremely efficient in their victory over the Chiefs. Although some of the usual key parts of the offense weren’t utilized as much with players like Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, Tom Brady’s ability to use other players proved once again successful. How can we ever mention Tom Brady scoring TD’s without mentioning Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski went down to Tampa with Brady at the start of last year and the New England chemistry clearly continued in the super bowl with Gronk scoring two TD’s and sixty seven yards. Although the amount of yards may not be so impressive, the efficiency was prevalent. Not only did Gronk get in on the action but also the ex Steeler Antonio Brown. Brown, although the recent adversity, managed to put up a TD along with five receptions for twenty two yards.  Finally, Tom Brady finished the game with three TD’s and two hundred one yards, clearly not his best performance but surely a very efficient one winning his seventh super bowl title.

Super bowl LV proved to us that Tom Brady is definitely the G.O.A.T. and that Patrick Mahomes is an incredibly skilled quarterback with lots of potential but still a long way to go to catch up with Brady in titles. The basic takeaways from the game were the superior Bucs defense and the incredibly efficient Bucs offense that earned them their first super bowl win since 2003.