2021 FA Field Hockey Season


Training, team spirit, triumph: The Friends Academy Varsity Field Hockey Team’s Journey to the Playoffs. 

The Friends Academy Varsity Field Hockey Team took on every challenge, from a shortened season to a suspenseful shootout, and quarantined players. The senior players: Emily Brown, Adrienne Coleman, Samantha Damm, Mary Droesh, Ava Morey, Lauren Pasquale, and Riley Schultz, and Lizzy Ingrassia led the team, with commitment and enthusiasm, through an undefeated season. They gave the team an unstoppable team spirit and led memorable plays through January’s bitter cold and April’s sudden desert- like conditions. On thursday, April 1st, The FAFH team journeyed on a school bus to Clarke. With their uniforms on and music playing, they readied themselves for their most stressful game of the year. At the start of the game, Friends recalled their strategies, yelled their team cheer, and began, equipped with competitive energy, and practice. Clarke brought many of the same strengths to the game, leading to goals scored on both ends of the field. With a tied game, the competition continued to overtime. This was a chance to win with five field players, a goalie, and a timer set. The timer stopped. Neither team had scored. A shootout would be the determining fate of this game. The Friends Academy Varsity Field Hockey Team huddled in the fading light of day, on the last day before spring break. With many amazing goalie saves from Friends, with the support of teammates, with ten second chances to score, with the ref’s whistle blown with conclusion, the FAFH team ran together and celebrated. The team took this crucial persistence to every game, motivated each other, and made it to the first round of playoffs. As conference champs, the Friends field hockey players won eleven games and lost zero with the guidance and support of their coaches.