Onboarding Week: Thursday Barbecue


Of all the events in onboarding week, the barbecue and live music on Thursday was definitely one of the more popular ones. After burgers at lunch, students quickly transitioned outdoors for live music, performed by Mr. Liverani and his band, and were free to do whatever they wanted. 

Especially after a week of service activities, meetings, short classes, and an emotionally raw Challenge Day, the Thursday Barbecue afternoon was an excellent opportunity to unload and enjoy activities with the grade. From soccer and other sports on the field, to Kanjam and frisbee, students could pick which activities they wanted to participate in. 

Aside from recreational sports and games on the field, this past Thursday was also a great opportunity for community outreach regarding committees, as each committee hosted a field event. For example, Pierce Hirshfield, Managing Editor, and I, Editor-in-Chief, of Inkwell hosted Kan-Jam Frisbee on the field, where members who played in the activities would listen to us briefly speak about the committee, and we would mention some points of contact for those who wanted to join Inkwell. 

“It was really fun,” said Vincenzo Fodera when asked about this past Thursday overall. “It was a really good way to end the week and a good way to connect with the grade.” Overall, the Thursday Barbecue was a hit. Not only because it was a good time to connect amongst grades, enjoy the last day of onboarding with freedom, and enjoy music, but because it also offered a fun, new way to advertise clubs and committees, which made it easier to reach out to underclassmen that may have not been as attentive in an email, per se. With this new experience, I along with other committee leaders now have started to consider new ways to reach out to the community and advertise our committees, preferably with fun activities such as bake sales, committee-sponsored snack sales, committee-sponsored fun after-school activities, and more