The Mask Mandate for a Day and Its Effect on the World


Not even for a day, but for a few hours, masks were not required. Not in all schools, but in over half of the public schools located on Long Island, people were happy, scared, and even confused as to why there was such a sudden change. Is Covid-19 gone for good? Or was this a sudden impulsive decision made out of fatigue from this overbearing disease?

Of course, not everyone chose to free themselves from their masks. Many looked down upon people who so ignorantly ripped off their mask and exposed themselves to all the people they interact with daily. Yet, there are always two sides to a story.

Some may argue that masks should stay worn. They protect us and they should not be repealed until Covid-19 is completely resolved. The other side argues that masks are not necessary. They believe that a week of cold-like symptoms is not as bad as wearing masks for the rest of highschool. They might have heard that the rates in people who are being severely affected or dying from Covid are not as high as they previously were. This can lead this group of people to believe that masks are not important anymore.

Covid-19 has affected the world we live in tremendously. We are more cautious when doing things that used to seem completely normal. We look at things differently, and the way we view our surroundings has changed. In addition, we have been waiting for some kind of relief for so long that we took things out of hand, and went somewhat crazy with these new rules. Perhaps there is a way to balance the way we are viewing these new restrictions. Maybe we can work together and find ways to relieve the stress of constantly changing rules and mandates for the better.

Although the way we do things like going to school or work have changed, we can try to find ways to make life seem more normal even if new rules are constantly being proposed, passed, and even suddenly revoked, like a cycle. If we look at these mandates as an avenue for a better future, then we can become more understanding of our current situation in society.