Senior Spotlight: Raquel Doscher


Raquel Doscher, a quiet but integral force in the Class of 2019, recently shared all about her experience at Friends Academy with Inkwell. Being part of the “Kindergarten Club” provides Doscher with thirteen years of memories at FA. Although she is excited for college, being a part of the community for such a long time, Doscher cannot imagine leaving and even commented “I will miss all of my friends so much, my first memory at Friends was walking into Kindergarten and meeting the people who would become my friends for life.”


Mrs. Lindner, the retired lower school arts teacher, was one of Raquel’s favorite teachers, and someone who she loved to spend time with. She reminisced on how “in lower school, every Wednesday morning we would have tea and cookies in Mrs. Lindner’s classroom before the day began,” just one of the many things that Mrs. Lindner did to impact Raquel.


If you’re looking for Raquel around campus, look no further than the library. Always surrounded by her friends, Raquel can be seen either studying or talking to someone around the center couches in the library. When she’s not in the library, you may find her in Mrs. Clark’s room.


When asked about what her biggest struggle has been at Friends Academy, Raquel laughed and talked about her journey with math: “math has been hard for me, but all of my teachers have been so helpful and most of my free time is spent with them going over problems.”


Another challenge that struck Raquel Doscher during her senior year was a concussion. Luckily, her hard-working spirit allowed  Doscher to get back into the school year as fast as she could. Doscher couldn’t wait to come back to school to help lead the literary magazine Gnosis with her friend and fellow senior Lindsey Rush.


Not only is she involved with Gnosis, but Raquel is also an avid participant in weekly sandwich making and a member of amnesty club, as well as a hopeful captain of the Varsity softball team. In short, Raquel Doscher has made quite the impact over her long time at FA, and is an important part of the Class of 2019.