A Recent Update in the “Trade War” Between the US and China


Credit: CNN.com

Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of the Chinese technology company Huawei, was arrested for allegedly dodging sanctions in Iran, according to sources such as BBC and CNN. Meng is charged with helping Huawei avoid the United States sanctions against Iran (oil and bank related penalties) by telling banks such as HSBC that one of Huawei’s subsidiaries, Skycom, was not part of the company. According to Evening Standard in the UK, Huawei was also charged with using a company in Hong Kong to sell munitions to Iran. If the allegations are true, Meng definitely has a reason to be on trial and potentially sit in jail for a very long time.

Meng recently paid off her bail of 7.5 million dollars. Meng has also agreed to surrender her passports and to live in one of her Vancouver homes for the time being. She will be due back in court on February 6th so that the process of approving or denying Meng’s extradition can be announced. According to CNN, Meng’s legal team “proposed that the terms of her release could include financial pledges from people in Canada who know her, such as a realtor and insurance agent.”

President Donald Trump stated that he “may intervene in the legal saga if it would help his pursuit of a trade deal with China.” The President is actively trying to find a solution to the trade war before the end of the 90-day ceasefire. Huawei is regarded as one of the biggest corporations in China, its telecommunication networks are stationed in countries throughout the world, and leaders like Meng have a lot of social and political influence. If Trump can negotiate an agreement between the US and China, then this whole incident will seem like a minor skirmish, and the trial can happen without too much public interference. He could also release Meng in return for a good trade deal that will at least keep the benefits neutral between the two countries.

There are a lot of possible outcomes, but surely as believers in justice we must hope that the truest outcome prevails.