Jared Zelman: Senior Spotlight

Three words to describe the Friends Academy Class of 2019 would be compassionate, involved, and creative. The drive and energy this years’ seniors bring to campus is contagious, and their hard work is worthy of celebration. Throughout the year Inkwell will be publishing a series of articles titled “Senior Spotlight” to give the community a better look at some of our current seniors and all their accomplishments at FA.


Freshman year entrant Jared Zelman did not go unnoticed during his four years at Friends Academy. An ever-present voice in the upper school, it is difficult to pinpoint what makes Zelman more memorable– a toss-up between his never-ending business endeavors or his affinity for fashion. His style aside, Jared Zelman has made an impact on the FA community in many ways, and it was a pleasure to hear his perspective on the time he has spent here.


Jared Zelman focused on the peers and teachers with which he has created bonds within the upper school, noting that Doc Sullivan, his now retired freshman english teacher, provided him with extensive knowledge on how to carry himself in the world. Zelman emphasized the importance of how “Doc Sullivan taught me how to think for myself and not let others’ opinions influence my own.”


Some of his favorite parts of Friends have been the ever-popular sushi days, sitting outside of the library on the benches, and (of course) Republican club, a place where he feels is a “ place where [the members] can vent about the political climate at FA without fearing a backlash.” Zelman ran for club leader in the spring of 2017 but was unfortunately defeated by opponent Frick Byers for the position. His loss in one sector turned to great strides in others, as Zelman founded the Duck Pond Investment Club and Shark Tank Club to further his entrepreneurial ventures.


His parting message to Friends is a piece of advice he has been sitting on for quite some time, “shave the first speed bump entering the Dolan center parking lot– I swear that thing is one of the tallest mountains on the east coast!”