15 Second Videos Captivate Students Across the Globe.

15 Second Videos Captivate Students Across the Globe.

Tik Tok, previously called Musical.ly, is a platform where people can create or watch short video clips based on different topics such as dancing, singing, or comedy. With just a swipe on your phone, users are able to watch endless stream of videos, making the app very convenient and accessible.

In each video, you can add different sound clips or filters to make the short clips more appealing. On the app, you can gain likes, followers, and even get your video featured. Based on your style, the app will give you an extensive list of TikToks that are customized just for you. 

Since TikTok has had such a profound effect on teenagers throughout schools, I wanted to see how the students in our school felt about the app. I decided to ask members in our community a few questions: 1. Why did you get the app? 2. How big of an impact do you think the app plays in our school? 

The first person I interviewed was Tina Huang, a junior at Friends Academy. In response to the first question, she said, “I wanted to get the app because I was interested in seeing the different videos that were made.” Tina believes that TikTok has had both a positive and negative impact on our school. “The app is very fun to use, but it takes up a lot of time during the school day and disturbs members of  faculty.”

Kyleigh Mitchell, another junior at Friends Academy, had a slightly different opinion from Tina. When asked why she got TikTok, Kyleigh said, “At first, I got the app to see how it was different from Musical.ly, but then I started to find the videos funny and entertaining.” Regarding the app’s impact on the school, she believes that “it brings a positive atmosphere for people to come together to dance and have fun.”

Overall, TikTok is an interactive app that creates an entertaining environment in our own school community.