2018-2019 Staff

Margaux Blau

Margaux's role is to ensure that articles are written successfully. She corrects any errors in the writings and works with writers to verify information such as names, numbers, and accuracy of details. She also makes sure that...

Emma Hickerson

Emma's job is to work with the Managing Editor, Olivia, and the Editor-in Chief, Ella, to ensure that the content for the issue is formatted correctly into a web version. She stays up to date on the delivery of content to the...

Olivia Lizza

Olivia's role as a managing editor serves as liaison on between Ella, the Editor-in-Chief, and other staff members. She is responsible for creating a schedule for issues and maintaining the issue spreadsheets. She edits the details...

Ella Fitzhugh

Ella's role is to supervise and manage all staff members. She is responsible for all content in the newspaper. If you ever have questions about becoming involved in the newspaper, contact Ella at [email protected]

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