2023-2024 Staff


Mia Kamensky

Hi! I'm Mia and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Inkwell. As Editor-in-Chief, it is my job to oversee Inkwell as a whole and ensure that the entire publishing process is moving efficiently. I meet with our writers, section editors,...

Managing Editor (copy)

Henry Davidson

Hi, I'm Henry. I'm a Senior and the Inkwell managing editor who reads and edits the articles before they're published here on the website. I review grammar, spelling, article structure, and anything that has to do with words.

Managing Editor(web)

Theresa Yu

Hi there! As the co-Managing Editor of Inkwell, my job is to coordinate meetings along with the Editor in Chief, ensure the publication process goes smoothly, and to help other writers workshop their articles and to help them...


Massimo Dileo

Hi , I'm Massimo, I am senior, and I am one of the copy editors alongside Will Davis. My job as copy editor is to receive all of your articles over the course of the month and read over them to make sure there aren't any formatting...


Matthew Rubin

Hello, I am one of the web editors of Inkwell. I upload articles and control the website.

Copy Editor

Will Davis

Hi! My name is Will, and i'm the co Copy Editor of Inkwell this year with Massimo. My job entails editing articles to make sure they're grammatically correct and that the ideas flow smoothly.

Web Editor

Ross Yablans

Hey! Im Ross and I am one of the web editors with Mathew this year. Our job entails publishing the articles every edition, fixing any problems with the website, managing comments, and making the website easy to navigate.

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