2022-2023 Staff

Copy Editor

Henry Davidson

Managing Editor

Mia Kamensky

Hi! I'm Mia and I am the Managing Editor of Inkwell. As Managing Editor, it is my job to oversee Inkwell as a whole and ensure that the entire publishing process is moving efficiently. I meet with our writers, section editors,...


Massimo Dileo

Hi , i'm Massimo. My job as one of the Web Editors of Inkwell is to authorize the articles that are sent in and then publish those articles onto the website. Writers will send their articles to me or Theresa and we will then edit...

Creative Director

Clementine Constantino

Web Editor

Theresa Yu

Hi there! My job as the website editor is to format the Inkwell website and to arrange the contents so that it's easy for students and community members to see. I also often collaborate with other leaders of Inkwell - Editor in...


Mark Jennings

As sitting Editor-in-Chief, I founded Inkwell back in 1986 with one goal: to provide a meaningful platform for student voice.

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