Friends Academy’s Reset: Words From The Students

Friends Academy’s Reset: Words From The Students

We are less than two months into the 2022-2023 school year, but it is already a milestone year. Due to Friends Academy’s new reset, three of the most influential changes in the Upper School community have been introduced, such as the official class start time being moved from 8:20 am to 8:05 am; the subsequent grace period; and of course, the new dress code! 


But how do the students feel about all of these new changes? Well, after conducting a survey that asks 37 Upper School students about their opinions on the reset, the results are in!



Some students, who wish to remain anonymous, have chosen to elaborate on their opinions around starting school earlier: 

“I don’t really mind it that much but it is a bit early for anyone to really want to or be able to pay attention.” 

“I feel like it’s not really convenient to jump straight into action. Especially if people run into traffic trouble, it’s more pressuring to get there on time.”

“Although I want to feel settled in and not rushed to class, I like that we get out at 3:05 rather than 3:20.”

“I like class starting earlier because it’s not much of a difference and it pushes people to be on time.”

“Starting at 8:20 felt too late.”

“It pushes me to be on time to school and leave at a decent time.”

“I think if the classes start at 8:05, it doesn’t give some kids enough time to get to school by bus, however it does motivate students who are in control of their ride situation to get to school on time.” 

“We don’t have enough time to settle into school before it starts, and it can create a higher risk of kids crashing on the way to school.”

“I like coming into school and jumping into learning right away because it feels like a better use of our time in the morning.”



One student, by the pseudonym of “Atticus,” stated: 

“I miss the weekly assemblies.”

 It seems other students also share Atticus’ opinion: 

“I think a class meeting at the beginning and end of the school week is far more organized.”

“They were nice to see everyone all the time and at the beginning and end of the week. They made me feel like we were closer as a grade.”

“While I like using the time for better things, I also think as a senior class we need more time together.”

“I like meeting with the whole class once or twice a week because I can see more people besides just the ones in my advisory.”

“I don’t really mind it, but it was a nice way to get an overview of the week.”


However, other students do support moving on:

“This was a great decision. There was no apparent reason for constant communication between the teachers and students when it can be done less frequently, and through email. The weekly update covered most of the information that was told to students during assembly.”

“I don’t really mind not having the class meetings.”

“If we do get there before school starts, it gives us more free time.” 



This question was met with a much different reaction than the previous two; instead of a close vote, there was an overwhelming majority of students who chose one side over the other.


What has not changed, however, is that many students have submitted responses:

“If the school came up with an actual uniform it would look much better, but if we went back to the previous dress code, I think students would feel more comfortable.”

“The uniform is comfortable and has a clean look but I wish we had the option to wear turtlenecks and dresses.”

“It’s easier to get dressed in the morning and everything is simpler. However, I do wish we got rid of the logo rule because it’s a bit extra.”

“I support this reset except I don’t think seniors should’ve been included. It’s really unfair for us to buy a whole new closet in our last year.”

“The dress code itself is fine but the fact that there are so many restrictions on patterns and logos is pretty stupid to me. Plus for our senior year we had to buy a whole new wardrobe with pretty short notice and there was no easing into it.”

“I don’t mind it because it makes getting ready in the morning easier.”

“I feel that it stops students from being able to express themselves since we are only allowed to wear plain and blank clothes.”

“I think it is way too far in the opposite direction of last year’s dress code, and I don’t like how I have to buy a whole new wardrobe just for senior year.”

“There’s no point to it. The old dress code was fine. Teachers just needed to enforce it more.”

“I don’t like the new dress code but I understand why it was put in place. It’s just too restrictive.”

“I think the cost and process of getting an entirely new wardrobe of clothing was unnecessary, especially when the class of 2023 was exempt from this requirement and the class of 2024 wasn’t. I don’t mind that the dress code is simple and not too difficult to follow.”

“I like that it’s easier to get dressed in the morning. But that’s about it. I don’t like how it was handled in terms of being framed as a decision that accounted for people’s opinions on it, because it was ultimately an administrative decision. I don’t see why it was necessary and I’m frustrated with the school for not being open about their intentions with the new dress code.”



In addition to each student providing their viewpoint on the new changes, they were also asked to give a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 of the new reset.


The average rating was a 5.1/10.