Tensions Build for US as the Immigrants Head for the Border


The thousands of migrants coming from Mexico and parts of Central America are still determined to reach the United States in hopes of a better future.

These immigrants are fleeing their countries because of the lacking of economic opportunities and the dangers of living in a country filled with violence and corruption. Donald Trump has repeatedly tweeted about the caravan, telling them  to “go back to their country” and “apply for their citizenship legally.” However, these immigrants cannot afford to “go back to their country” and are left with basically nowhere to go but to the US to seek better lives than the lives they had in their respective native countries.

The majority of the immigrants are left in Mexico, trying to push North for the US-Mexico border. The Mexican president has offered the immigrants a life in Mexico via a Twitter video, explaining that “we are a country that values and recognizes the dignity of migrant people.” The dilemma remains: should the United States allow for these undocumented immigrants to enter their borders illegally, or deny the migrants access to the US until they can legally acquire citizenship?

Here is the general perspective of those that are in favor of letting the immigrants into the US:

The immigrants are refugees at this point in their lives because they are fleeing their countries from violence and poverty. They cannot return to their countries, for the dangers and minimal economic opportunities make life unbearable in their native countries. It is morally right to let these immigrants into our country; America was founded from immigrants searching for a better life, and in turn it is only fair that we should let these migrants with no homes into our country. Since America is close geographically and has had refugees and illegal immigrants venture into the country, these immigrants deserve to live in America because of how devastating their lives are in their native countries.

Furthermore, here is the general perspective of those that are against letting the immigrants into the US:

However, these illegal immigrants can cause trouble in the United States. These migrants are also breaking the law by entering into America illegally. It is not the United States’ responsibility to account for illegal immigrants coming from another country. There is no affiliation or law requiring the US to take action and help these undocumented immigrants.  The US cannot let the immigrants to enter only because it is close geographically and offers economic opportunities and (relatively) lenient borders. Illegal immigrants have also caused high rates of crime in the past and America cannot simply afford to risk the lives of citizens.

Both sides have strong arguments for whether or not the US should allow these fleeing immigrants to enter the country. Recently, Trump has signed a law denying asylum to the immigrants that cross the border illegally, a move that asserts his dominance over the those stuck near the border. The migrants are now faced with a tough decision as to what is their next move. The options of staying in Mexico or applying for American citizenship seem to be the only definite choices for these immigrants. For now, the potential US immigrants are in Mexico without a clear plan for their future.