Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team Dominates During Fall Fair Game


Loud cheers roared as the white FA flag swung back and forth in the bleachers. The Girls Varsity Soccer Team defeated Oyster bay 2-1 in an exciting match. This lively Fall Fair game was just one of the many games that resulted in a win for the Lady Quakers. The team has earned their spot as the second seed team in their league, with a current record of 7-2. The girl’s team has continued to dominate their league only losing to Seaford High School, the number one seed team. Despite the 2-1 score, the Lady Quakers played hard in a tight match against Seaford at the beginning of the season, matching Seaford’s teams intensity and level of play. The girls played them again later in the season, keeping up this same intensity. Since then, the girls’ team has had four shutout wins, including Oyster Bay, West Hempstead, and Floral Park. The team has continued to succeed throughout their season with wins against Carey High School (6-1) and Division Avenue High School (5-1). Leading scorers include Gretchen Waechter (11th), Caroline Dineen (10th), Charlie Kliger (12th), and Gabi Sandoval (8th). The team’s success has also been generated by a strong defensive lineup and hardworking goalkeeper, Sydney Kang (11th). The Girls Varsity Soccer Team’s success in their league foreshadows a successful and promising end of the season with a very high possibility of making the playoffs.