Fierce Debate: Moe’s vs. Chipotle

Fierce Debate: Moes vs. Chipotle

Moes Argument by Will S.: 

As someone who spent this past weekend at both Moe’s Southwest Grill and Chipotle Mexican Grill, it was clear which restaurant is better. From the instant of walking into Moe’s, I was welcomed by employees shouting with the traditional slogan, “Welcome to Moe’s!” Moe’s has a great environment, with lively employees and music. Moe’s offers an array of menu options that Chipotle fails to do. Moe’s offers quesadillas, salads, nachos, and stacks; these are all not offered at Chipotle. Furthermore, the ingredients are much more diverse and unique at Moe’s. Some of these ingredients include basics like cilantro, jalapeños and cucumbers, or more intricate ingredients like queso and grilled onions. Chipotle also comes up short when it comes to food temperatures. Chipotle doesn’t heat any of their ingredients. On the contrary, Moe’s serves sizzling steaks and hot queso. 

     While ingredients might seem like the most important factor, there are many other reasons for Moe’s being superior to its little brother, Chipotle. While one begins to conclude their order and head towards the cash register, they will notice how burritos are being wrapped. At Moe’s, the burritos are wrapped in specific fashion to ensure the ingredients do not fall apart when you begin to indulge on the delicious masterpiece. However, at Chipotle, time and time again do I have to use a fork and knife to eat the ingredients that have fallen out of my burrito. Consequently, as you are about to pay for your food at Moe’s, you will be offered complimentary chips with a free salsa bar. At Chipotle, you will have to pay over $5 for chips, and even more money to purchase salsa to go with that. Moreover, if you purchase a soft drink cup, you will notice Moe’s has the new CocaCola Freestyle soda machine, which offers thousands of soda flavors with unimaginable unique mixes. At Chipotle locations, however, a basic soda machine with very few options will be present. As you go to grab utensils for your meal, next to the soda machines, you will notice Moe’s wraps their utensils in plastic to ensure hygiene for its customers. At Chipotle, the plastic utensils are all sitting out unwrapped, being exposed to all the dirty garbage being thrown out just inches away from it. When you finally leave Moe’s, you will notice the efficiency and speed of your experience there. Moe’s has over 10 employees behind the glass as compared to Chipotle’s 3 or 4 employees. 

It is clear that Moe’s is better than Chipotle for the many reasons stated. In fact, I truly believe there is not even a comparison between the two. We, as Friends Academy students, are so lucky to have a Moe’s right down the road!


Chipotle Argument by Michael S:

Chipotle is a much better restaurant than Moe’s. As I walked into Chipotle for the 3rd time last week, I was again filled with the aroma of the different blend of ingredients as well as the sight of the numerous servers scooping rice into another entrée. The ordering process was efficient as usual, with no mistakes or faults in my order. My request for “just a little bit more chicken” was again satisfied, complemented with a smile on the server’s face. 

Chipotle is not a “little brother” to Moe’s by any means. Compared to the 700 locations Moe’s has only in the United States, Chipotle has over 2,100 locations in the United States, and 400 more restaurants globally. Popularity doesn’t necessarily transfer to better quality, but Chipotle’s worldwide growth signifies the success it has gotten from restaurants across the U.S. as well as its ability to afford globalization. 

The ingredients at Chipotle are significantly better compared to that of Moe’s; each bite is filled with exploding sensations of flavor at Chipotle. Those at Moe’s just don’t have the same flavorful qualities. As an avid consumer of both restaurant chains, I can certainly taste the difference between the quality of the ingredients of the two restaurants. In addition, the chips and guacamole are much crispier at Chipotle than at Moe’s. (I will acknowledge that Moe’s does have better queso).
Although the experience at Moe’s is seemingly better with it’s soda machine and wrapped utensils, the experience at Chipotle isn’t remarkably worse at all. There was also one occasion at Moe’s when I found a dead mosquito located directly on my order of chips. Customers still have numerous drinks to choose from, and the plastic utensils aren’t really unsanitary just because they’re not wrapped. 

I believe that my opposition has spent his article writing about why Chipotle is worse instead of writing why Moe’s is better. I hope that my article has made it apparent as to why Chipotle is better, instead of saying that Moe’s is worse. Chipotle is an overall better Mexican restaurant to eat from because of the food. The ingredients in an order at Chipotle taste much better, which is what I look for when I go out to eat. The negatives noted by my opposition of his Chipotle’s experience aren’t enough to outweigh the quality of the food. There is a reason I have Chipotle two or three times a week and do not go to Moe’s on my own time, except when I’m with others. 

It’s important for consumers to try out both restaurants and come to their own conclusion. The majority of consumers have chosen Chipotle, shown by the inequality in the number of restaurants that each chain has in comparison to each other. I believe that Chipotle is the better chain with better food. However, it’s up to you to decide for yourself.